Sexroom 2: golden eggs

ready for adventure?

Brand new - 2019 release, but already very popular game with quest elements. Sexroom will not leave you indifferent. We will make you do what you definitely never did. Look at your team from a new angle. We have done everything to make you enjoy yourself! This is a fascinating adventure and vivid impressions for a long time!

Game modes

Golden eggs

Add new sensations to your life! Suitable for both beginners and experienced teams.

Steel eggs

We will pull you out of your reality, it will be really hot. It is recommended only for experienced and liberated people, but at the same time you need to know that you are not going to see - you are the main participants.

Strong nuts

It’s like “steel eggs”, but a more intense game of actors - the whole team equally feels all the charms of this place, the possibility of returning 20 rubles in the game itself - it all depends on you, a cool video about your adventures in the quest.